When you are heading off on an extended break, there are so many things you have to think about. Of course, you have to make sure that your home is secure, maybe have a neighbour call in to water your plants and take in your post. You have to remember to switch everything off and take care of last minute errands. And then, of course, you have to remember the beloved family pet. Luckily if you are staying for more than 28 nights in PREMIER SUITES Bristol, you can take them with you!

The Alternatives

You could leave your pet at home and ask a neighbour to call in and feed them but would you like to be locked away 24-hours a day for a whole month with only a few minutes of company each day? You’re also risking bad behaviour and a regression in training when you leave your pet alone and bored.

You could move your pet into a kennel or cattery but a change of atmosphere and routine can be stressful for pets. You also risk increased aggression from pets exposed to other animals and don’t mention the dreaded kennel cough! Oh, and kennels are expensive.

You could also employ a dog-walking or cat-sitting service to come to your home. These are not trained professionals, just regular people looking to make some extra cash. We don’t like the idea of complete strangers in our homes and it’s definitely not an economical option either.

The Benefits

We understand that pets and owners are as close to each other as parents and children. The result of a long separation from each other can be painful and cause both yourself and your furry friend a lot of anxiety. Your pet doesn’t know if or when you are returning and pets have been known to grieve for owners when separated. So why not save you both the stress and travel together!

Are you sometimes asked to travel for work and have to turn it down as you don’t want to leave Fido? Maybe you want to spend some time in the city to get to know it better as part of a relocation or holiday but feel guilty about leaving Felix behind? The option to bring them with you allows you to take longer trips without the worry.

Being away from home can be fun for a few nights but it can also bring feelings of loneliness and isolation over an extended period. Having your pet with you adds to the home-from-home feeling that PREMIER SUITES specialises in. Keep up your usual routine of walking and feeding even when you’re not at home.

The Solution

Take them with you! If you are staying for more than 28 nights with us in PREMIER SUITES Bristol, or any PREMIER SUITES in Europe, you can take your pet with you. If you can transport them safely, we would love to have both you and your pet as our guests. This doesn’t just apply to the furry ones, if you can safely and securely house your unusual pet, then we are more than happy to welcome them.

Send us an email to learn more about our terms and conditions and to book your stay.

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