Are you planning a trip to the UK this year? If this is your first time, you may be wondering what to expect. We’ve put together a few tips for visiting and travelling within the UK that you might find useful. Read below for tips on dining, sightseeing and accommodation in the United Kingdom.


•  Make sure to book your transport as far in advance as possible. Fares for the train, in particular, can almost double when you book on the day you intend to travel. 

•  There are often ‘online only’ fares available so check before you buy. If you have a student card or are over 60, take advantage of discounts wherever you find them! Over 60s travel free across the UK with a free travel pass but you need to be a UK resident.

•  If you intend to travel by train a lot, sign up to get a BritRail GB Flexible pass to travel freely throughout England, Scotland and Wales.


•  If you’re on a budget, take advantage of early bird offers that most restaurants have available. They’re usually great value and have a good variety of dishes to choose from. Student towns like Bristol often have great student deals

•  When dining out, it is customary to leave a tip for your server if you have received good service. This is not mandatory or expected but a 10% gratuity is the suggested tip, more if you feel the service has been excellent. Serving staff are well paid and do not rely on tips to supplement their income as much as they would in the US. 

•  If you are travelling with family or have a strict diet or dietary requirement to follow, a traditional hotel stay won’t be ideal as you’ll have to rely on restaurants for each meal. Booking a serviced apartment, like PREMIER SUITES Bristol is ideal for you. They offer full kitchen and laundry facilities too, so you don’t have to rely on an outside service.


•  If you’re staying for a longer term in the UK, travelling with family or have a specific routine you need to follow, book a serviced apartment over a standard hotel room. Not only do PREMIER SUITES offer more space than hotels, but each apartment also has a fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities and much better value for money too.

•  When booking accommodation in the UK, always book on the property’s official website. You’ll have access to offers and perks not available on third party websites and you’ll save the property a high commission cost, meaning they can reinvest this saving into making your stay even better.


•  Take advantage of family discounts, student discounts and special prices for over 60s. Always try to book attractions online and in advance for the best value rates; it’s usually more expensive on the day.

•  Make sure to do your research and join a free walking tour in whatever city you find yourself in. They’re usually run by locals with insider knowledge of the city and you can leave an optional tip at the end of the tour if you want.

General Tips

•  The currency in the UK is Pound Sterling. Try to exchange any foreign currency before you arrive as it can be pricey to do so at the airport. Cards are widely accepted if you’d prefer not to carry cash, just ensure your bank know you’re out of the country.

•  The voltage in the UK is 230V which is stronger than a lot of other countries. Make sure to invest in a good quality plug adaptor that has a voltage converter built-in, otherwise, your appliance might blow a fuse.

•  The weather in the UK is extremely changeable, sometimes we have four seasons in one day! We recommend investing in a pair of good quality waterproof shoes if you plan to be outside a lot. Carry a roll-up raincoat & umbrella and wear a couple of layers which can be added or removed as needed.

If you’re looking for your ideal accommodation in Bristol, PREMIER SUITES Bristol is your best bet. Our serviced apartments offer all the luxury of a traditional hotel stay with so much more space and better facilities. Contact our friendly reservations team or book on our official website to make sure you’re getting the best available rate, guaranteed.

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