If you’re planning a trip to your favourite location, where do you stay? Will you choose an overpriced hotel or opt for a more cost-effective Airbnb?

Airbnb definitely has its advantages, price being the main one, but are you willing to sacrifice your comfort, cleanliness and possibly your safety to save a few pounds? Here are our reasons why our serviced apartments are a much better option for your trip, every time!


Airbnb’s availability and flexibility are very limited. The host can cancel on you at any time and if you have a specific property in mind, you’ll be lucky if its available on your chosen dates. Once you book an Airbnb, you need to pay in full that day and cancellation policies are strict, and often non-existent! This leaves you very restricted if your travel plans need to change or you have an emergency at home and need to cancel. Luckily, we have a variety of rate types, most of which include our lowest price guarantee, free cancellation, no payment until you arrive and a complimentary treat in your suite. We even have a pet-friendly policy for guests staying over 28 days.

Security & Safety Standards

When you book an Airbnb, you are essentially staying in someone’s home, either with them or renting it from them. The host has no obligation to adhere to any security or safety standards as none are required of them by Airbnb. You cannot be certain the home, or your belongings are completely secure, especially if you are renting a shared property. The most worrying thing of all is the lack of fire safety training or equipment. Here in PREMIER SUITES, you are our top priority at all times but especially in case of an emergency. We value our guest’s safety and security over any material or property. If the worst should happen or in case of a fire emergency, all of our staff are extensively trained. We have top-quality fire safety equipment in each of our rooms which has been tested and is serviced regularly. Don’t take risks when it comes to your safety.

Cleanliness Standards

Speaking of standards, we all know how one person’s level of cleanliness varies from another, you only have to stand too close to someone on the bus to know that! Airbnb hosts are not obliged to have a professional cleaner freshen the room between guests. It is up to the host and their personal levels of cleanliness as there are no guidelines to say when and how the room should be cleaned. Compare this to our fully-trained team of professional cleaners who make sure each suite is completely cleaned from top to bottom after every single stay. We know which we’d prefer!

If you are considering booking an Airbnb for your stay in Bristol, think again. Our great value rates, along with our high standards and convenient location makes PREMIER SUITES Bristol Redcliffe your very best option. Remember to book directly with us for our guaranteed best available rate.

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